If you want to see any of these videos in full-screen mode, you can visit the Cameron Ember YouTube Channel

and/or the Tiny Little Blackouts YouTube Channel.

 This is my Single "In Our Waking from 2015 or 2016, can't remember which.



 This is my single "Make Me Stop" from 2015, pretty sure about that.  I wrote it on guitar.  Joe Rosato Jr added a lot of production, as did Scott Llamas from Popsmear Studios in San Rafael. 



This is my single, "Models in Magazines"  Scott Llamas and I produced the heck out of it and then removed most of it.  This is what's left.


This is Cherry Blossom," from idea of Alice, the album by my band Tiny Little Blackouts.


This song, "I Wish it Was Me" was from probably 2010 or 2011.  It featured Jordan Hallmark on guitar.  It was after my guitarist left Tiny Little Blackouts, so I was still using the band name.  It was before I decided to go by the band name Cameron Ember.


"Angry Santa" is from "idea of Alice," the Tiny Little Blackouts album from 2009.  It's about mental illness.






This is my song Daly City but the video is by Fiamma Giger!




Not really a video but somebody posted it to YouTube.  It is my song Fireworks


Still not a video, still my song Fireworks.  I guess it was on Vampire Diaries


From Sea Creature


This one is from a long time ago.  Karen Simon did the amazing costumes and Naomi Uman did the scratched and painted film.  Naomi now speaks Russian!  What a surprise!


Here is a film Naomi Uman made having nothing to do with me:

Uploaded on Sep 22, 2010

Using as her source material a segment of 1970s European softcore pornography, Naomi Uman created this derived piece by painstakingly removing the female from each frame using bleach and nail polish remover, thus presenting the viewer with a bizarre, ghostly effect of a figure; a blank void of a woman.



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